*Why I Told PDP Members Among 71,000 AEF To Withdraw Support From The Party  – Aaraj*

Why I Told PDP Members Among 71,000 AEF To Withdraw Support From The Party  – Aaraj.

A Civil Engineer and philanthropist, Kehinde Raji popularly known as Aaraj has gave reasons for standing with his numerous followers across Osun state despite romance from political gladiators in the leading political parties.

Aaraj disclosed this while featuring as guest at a Media Parley organized by the Osun Online Publishers Association (OOPA) with the team “Digging Into Politics, Governance And Dividend” in Osogbo on Saturday.

The Osogbo born founder of Aaraj Empowerment Foundation (AEF) recounted how PDP and APC under Adegboyega Oyetola and Ademola Adeleke led-administrations failed to fulfill promises made before and after elections, noting that the 2026 Osun guber election will form a different shape.

While responding to questions from journalists at the Media Parley, Engr Raji Kehinde said AEF has recorded about seventy-one thousand members across Osun State, adding that the decision to support any political party or candidate ahead of 2026 governorship election is a sensitive issue that warrant thorough and unity decision.

He was asked the reason for withdrawing his support from APC in the 2022 election and from PDP after working for the emergence of Ademola Adeleke as Governor. Aaraj explain that; “Sometimes in 2002, he came to my house with some PDP leaders, including Rev. Bunni Jenyo, they were all pleading for my support, but after they got to power, the same PDP Chairman announced publicly that whether Kejebu, Atunto or any Aaraj followers should be sent packing from their PDP meeting. And I told my supporters and my followers not to fight anybody, rather just leave their meeting for them, telling my people to give them six months, they will be the one looking for us. That’s why I withdraw my support from them.

“I don’t have any personal issues with them. I can differ on political issues, ideologies and principles. Am a very straightforward and transparent person. I don’t have issues with governor Adeleke, but when the party Chairman threatens my followers, and I don’t want any bloodshed, because if a crisis starts, I will be the one to pay the medical bills or probably go to the Police station for bail, I don’t want it. My Coordinator in Boluwaduro Local Government was beaten, chased with a gun, arrested and locked up at the Police station. I was the one who went to bail him, he slept there for about two to three days, all just because he’s a member of Aaraj Empowerment Foundation. To avoid further attack, I told my followers ‘let everybody just leave their party for them.”

Speaking about the rumor of rift with the governor Adeleke’s Sister, Yeye Dupe Adeleke, Aaraj explained; “I’m a Christian and if I am not happy with you, I don’t know how to hide my feeling. Aside from the way I was brought up. I wasn’t brought up to lie and every politician will lie and they will tell you it is an application of wisdom, it is not a wisdom application to me because if you lie to me today and I discovered that you lied to me, you come back the following day, I can’t believe you anymore. Yeye Modupe is a mother figure to me . Yes, we have our differences and it is over now, and everybody knows where they belong. She is in Ede and I am here in Osogbo. Everybody is on their own, but if I see her tomorrow, I am a well cultured Yoruba boy, I will walk up to her and greet her with respect. As far as I am concerned, I don’t have anything against her,” Aaraj said.

He explained further what transpired between him and former governor Adegboyega Oyetola; “When Governor Oyetola was in power, we talked a lot. I told him you can’t meet a united house, and you as a governor see the house being divided by some cabas who are just in power for their selfish interest. I went to him thrice, I spoke to him ‘Mr Gov, go and tidy it up with Ogbeni Aregbesola, whether you like it or not, you work under him for 8 years, settle this rift, talk to your people and settle the rift with them. If you go to my Facebook page is all over there and I told them you will lose that election. 48 hours to the election day, the Deputy Governor came to see me and he was begging that Aaraj, there’s a problem, and I asked; ‘what is the problem’ but I told you that you are going to lose the election’ fortunately and unfortunately, they lost the election, the rest is history. Now they have learnt their lessons. They now know what opposition is like.

“However, there’s no rift, Oyetola is my big brother, he is a father figure to me but I know he has learnt his lesson, but for me to say this is who I am supporting, that is not even in my own agenda.

“Yes, I can’t deny that my relationship with Ogbeni Aregbesola is Cordial and I respect him much, but not even Ogbeni can dictate for me on this. No one can call me and say this is where I must go. But when it is time, myself and my people will decide where we are going,” he revealed.

When asked to rate governor Ademola Adeleke’s performance, Aaraj said he can only access any administration after 18th month in office, noting that he would speak about it after May 27th.

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