*What You Needs To Know About Aunty Ramota*

What You Needs To Know About Aunty Ramota.

Aunty Ramota commenced her comedy career a few years ago and has done wonderfully well in the Nigerian entertainment sector.

For those that mostly watch comedy vedio, you will agree that Ramota has appeared in several funny videos, delighting and satisfying people with her amazing comedy.

Not minding her microscopic stature, she is a gifted, imaginative and brilliant comedian. Her comedic sketiches revolve around social themes that touches not only her life but life in general. Ramota has repeatedly expressed her anger with people’s unfair treatment to her due to her short stature

Despite her physical limitation, the young woman have continued to perform her comedy shows and brings smiles to the faces of her many followers across Nigeria.

According to available information, Aunty Ramota is a Nigeria citizen, born with small-sized in ikorodu. She’s socialite, comedian, Nollywood actress and Instagram personality who manages the keeping up with Ramota account.

As earlier said, Aunty Ramota is an ikorodu celebrity, currently making waves on Instagram after her wedding photos and videos went viral.

It is worthy of noting that Aunty Ramota, an Instagram sensation has an incredible story. She is the epitome of God grace. Despite her physical features, height, and looks, Queen Ramota Adetu nickname Aunty Ramota has become famous

Information reached thenewskingdom disclosed that Aunty Ramota hails from ikorodu, Lagos state. She is still a rising Instagram celebrity.

Lots of fans felicitated with her since her videos have made many Nigerians happy and brought smiles on the faces of the sad.

Aunty Ramota’s unusual physical appearance and a hilarious personality makes so many people who encounterd her will want to take photograph of her and even try recording her.

Despite circumstances that surrounds Ramona’s life, her narratives has been altered by social media, as she now receives gifts from her followers and kind hearted Nigerians who send money to her.

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