*TINUBU: Shun Economic Policies of IMF Or Stand Risk of Economic Collapse – PRP*

TINUBU: Shun Economic Policies of IMF Or Stand Risk of Economic Collapse – PRP.

Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has reportedly advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to completely ignore the economic policies prescribed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), warns him that failure to abandon such policy will surely lead to economic collapse.

According to the statement released on Thursday, signed by Falalu Bello, the party’s National Chairman, the PRP criticized IMF policy as the government’s continued implementation of this IMF-induce lipd policies, which have caused widespread poverty, unemployment, and inflation.

Most notably, PRP cited the removal of fuel subsidies, devaluation of the naira, and increase in interest rates as examples of policies that have worsened the suffering of Nigerians.

Additionally, the party accused the government of prioritizing the interests of international creditors over the welfare of its citizens.

Information gathered by thenewskingdom have it that, PRP has warned Tinubu that if the government fails to reverse these policies, the country is risking sliding into economic collapse, with dire consequences for the masses.

Meanwhile, the party urged Bola Ahmed Tinubu to rethink his economic strategy and adopt home-grown policies that prioritize the needs of Nigerians, not those of the IMF and other foreign interests.

“We have watched with utter dismay the inclination of the government of President Bola Tinubu towards the continuous use of Bretton Woods Institutions’ economic policy prescriptions despite their monumental failures in the past. The state of affairs of our nation, particularly the challenges of the teeming masses, is avoidable”. Party stated

“The removal of subsidies on fuel, electricity, etc., devaluation of our currency, increases in interest rates, etc., all International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) economic policies, have combined to push the nation’s MISERY INDEX to an unprecedented level. Headline inflation is inching up to 40% and rising, poverty level is exacerbating, unemployment and underemployment levels are increasing because of low capacity utilization and factory closures, taxes are being increased notwithstanding these developments so also are interest rates”.

“A democratically elected government should have a sense of duty, honour, and care for the electorate that brought it to power. We see none of these in our leadership today. Economics, being a science of alternatives, has other options that are available for possible implementation. A one-sided policy that clearly is anti-masses must be revisited quickly and urgently”.

“On the issue of the National Minimum Wage, our great party finds the position of government laughable and a huge joke. Indeed, to worsen the situation, other arms of government workers’ pay are being increased at a geometric progression. Judiciary staff salaries have been increased by 300% and ditto parliamentary representatives’ salaries. Can this be said to be fair?”.

“We urge the government of President Tinubu to wake up from its slumber.”

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