Terrorist Attack Nigeria Mosque, 30 Worshipers Abducted

In the wee hours of Thursday, terrorists raided a mosque in Tsafe town, the headquarters of Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State abducted no fewer than 30 worshiper.

According to the source, the criminal parked their motorcycles distance from the mosque so that the congregation would not be aware of their presence.

It was confirmed that the congregation had gathered to perform the dawn prayer (Subhi) around 5am when the terrorists invaded the town and went straight to the mosque to abduct them.

“A citizen named Garba told reporter “We were about to commence the dawn prayer today, Thursday when suddenly they (kidnappers) entered the mosque and instructed every one of us to move out of the mosque and follow them,”

The resident went on: “Everyone ran for safety but the bandits blocked everyplaces and warned that anybody that try to run away would be killed.

“I attempted and successfully jump out of the window and quickly ran for protection in one of the uncompleted buildings close to the mosque”.

According to Garba, the kidnappers parked their motorcycles in far distance to the mosque so that the congregation would not observe their movement.

“After captured, they subsequently marched the worshippers to their motorcycles and took them to the forest,” he added

Mallam Garba asserted that the number of abducted worshippers could be more than 30.

“It was confirmed from Garba that the mosque was full to capacity when the kidnappers attacked the mosque and very few of us were able to escape.”

Newskingdom obtained from source that a community leader disclosed that members of the Community Protection Guards had started trail the bandits to rescue the kidnapped congregation members.

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