*PROPHET JOSEPH: It Is Biblical To Mary More Than One Wife – See Evidence*

PROPHET JOSEPH: It Is Biblical To Mary More Than One Wife – See Evidence.

A Nigerian pastor, Prophet Joseph Akpata divulged the reasons behind his decision to marry three wives, citing the belief that one woman alone cannot fully meet his needs.

Responding in an interview granted, the clergyman disclosed that his principles are rooted in biblical teachings, and he finds authenticity crucial.

While speaking on his Evangelist journey, he unfolded that he began from a very tender age according to a prophecy to his mother.

Throughout the interview, his wives showered encomium on his honesty and self-awareness, appreciating his sincerity towards himself.

In the statement released by the first wife of Prophet Akpata: ” at first, i fought the idea of the preacher taking a second wife but he insisted that it was God’s will and i have to submit at some point.

According to his second wife, a widow of two also spoke on how she was not sure of the decision, particularly after meeting his wife who grilled her with questions.

Prophet Akata on why it is biblical to have more than one wife

“It is biblical to have more than one wife. I have more than seven pastors, how I treat my wife and children, I learnt all from the bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the only place people always quote was where Apostle Paul said a bishop must be a husband of one wife”.

“When God calls you, he would give you a guideline. God gave me the guidelines and showed me in the bible that when you marry multiple wives, don’t take the roles of the first wife and leave that of the second wife.”

“It was not until Apostle Paul started preaching against [polygamy], he was a single man, and that people should be like him. If you read the bible, he implicated himself. So a lot of confusion came from his personal view to the Church.”

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