*People Roasted, Over 100 Vehicles Burnt In An Explosion – Details…*

People Roasted, Over 100 Vehicles Burnt In An Explosion – Details… .

The multiple explosions occured from a fuel tankers at the Eleme section of the East-West Road in Rivers State have resulted in the burning of nothing less than 100 vehicles and countless number of casualties recorded.

According to the report, the ugly incident occurred very late on Friday night, and eventually left many travelers stranded.

It was confirmed that a tanker loaded with petroleum products ignited and erupted into flames, engulfing other tankers and numerous vehicles caught in a traffic jam.

A source disclosed that over 300 vehicles were consumed by the fire, others source estimated over 100.

Up till the time of filling this report, the exact number of casualties remains uncertain. In fact, an undoubted sources revealed that many individuals who trapped in their vehicles fell victim to the inferno.

The causes of this ugly incident, according to a source, can not be divorced from reckless driving and the construction company also responsible for the bad status of Eleme section of the road.

It was reported that the fire burned for several hours before being extinguished by multiple fire service trucks, aided by support from Indoroma Petrochemical.

Eyewitnesses narrated that hearing loud explosions and cries for help, undoubtedly indicated the severity of the situation.

Another development revealed, “I heard a very loud sound about 20 minutes ago, and people were shouting. The sound came from the Petro-Chemical company area. So when I came out I saw a thick smoke with fire from a distance.”

Another eyewitness, Segun Owolabi, described the aftermath of the tragedy, stating, “I saw four dead bodies burnt. Some may have been in the bushes because many ran away. I saw a whole stretch of vehicles burnt down, trailer also burnt down. There seems to be a truck carrying substances and it was as if it had a collision with another vehicle that may have ignited the fire. Over 20 vehicles burnt down and several people trapped.”

The incident has been a devastating blow to the community, with widespread destruction and loss of life.

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