*OSUN: Inisa Residents Thrown Into Mourning After Two Friends Found In Pool of Blood*

OSUN: Inisa Residents Thrown Into Mourning After Two Friends Found In Pool of Blood.

Thenewskingdom gathered that residents of Inisa in Odo-Otin local government area of Osun State have been thrown into mourning after two elderly friends were reportedly found in their pool of blood after deadly fight between the duo.

According to the report, the two aged friends, Ali Baba, a Ghanaian in his sixties, and Kayode Olete, 52, engaged in a fight late on Thursday in their dwelling house at Okunoye compound in the town.

Following report of a resident in the area, Ismail Odewale, some passersby had earlier heard a noise within the isolated house but decided not to intervene as the two men were known to be close associates in the area who settled their differences without external intervention.

Odewale further added that a few minutes later, some other passersby discovered blood flowing from the house; hence, they alerted other residents in the area.

“On getting to the compound, we discovered the two men in the pool of their blood lying down lifelessly; hence, we called the attention of security operatives to the scene”. He said.

While reacting to ugly incident, the Spokesperson, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, Osun Command, Kehinde Adeleke, disclosed that the two men had died when officers arrived at the scene.

It was discovered that they both attacked each other with a cutlass and a machete, as their intestines were already popping out of their stomachs.

“On Thursday evening around 21:05 hour, we got a report that two people were fighting at Baale Okunoye Compound, Inisa”.

“The two of them were said to be close friends. Nobody knows what led to their fight, as the house where the incident happened is isolated and dilapidated”.

“When we got to the scene this morning, it was discovered that the two of them had passed on”.

“The families of the two victims were contacted, and they gave their consent for them to be buried,” she stated.

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