Omokri: NLC, Don’t Call for 5th Strike Action, if you do………. Details here

A well-known sociopolitical analyst, Reno Omokri, has urged the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) on Monday to have second thought on their plan to commence another nationwide strike.

Omokri said that initiating another strike action specifically targeting President Bola Tinubu administration seemingly appears driven by political motives and would undermine the interests of Nigeria.

According to him on the X platform, Omokri inferred that if NLC’s call for the fifth strike action during Tinubu’s presidency within nine months, it is a clear sign that the labor union is pursuing its own agenda.

It is well known that NLC has been pushing for strikes in reaction to the ongoing economic challenges confronting Nigerians.

On Friday February 16, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) announced its plan to commence a two-day strike in reaction to the economic hardships encountered by Nigerians.

The two-day warning protest took place on February 27th and 28th.

Meanwhile, Omokri posted: “If the NLC calls for its fifth strike action in nine months of the Tinubu administration, it is no longer about Nigeria. It will be about politics. It will be about sabotaging Nigeria.

“It will be about other interests. Personal interests. Because I have never heard of or witnessed a country where their organised labour has more strikes than a football striker like Victor Osimhen.

“Enough already with these threats. If his colleagues cannot call Joe Ajaero to order, then Nigerians must ignore him. He has cried wolf too many times.”

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