KWASSIP impacts thousands of lives of Kwarans in 3 years

The Kwara State Social Investment Programmes (KWASSIP) is celebrating 3 years of its existence. KWASSIP is a brainchild of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, established in 2019. It was created to drive empowerment for the people and provide social security.

Three years down the line, KWASSIP has impacted the lives of several thousands of people in the state through Owo Isowo, Owo Arugbo, Kwapreneur, Owo Ilewe, EndSARS Recovery Fund, and other programmes.

It has been able to stimulate the state’s economy, empower the people and reduce poverty rate in the state.

The immediate resultant effect of KWASSIP could be seen in the drastic drop in the rate of poverty from 30.2% in 2019 to 20.4% in 2022 in Kwara State, according to World Bank’s State-by-State Poverty Index.

Petty traders, transporters, young entrepreneurs, senior citizens, business owners have at various times benefitted from the different disbursements carried out by KWASSIP, cutting across all local government areas of Kwara State.

Kwara is one of the few states in Nigeria with a dedicated structure like KWASSIP. The establishment has received accolades from the federal government and several other independent groups.

The significant point is that these disbursements are without partisan colouration as Kwarans of various shades and ideologies have benefitted.

For KWASSIP, it’s a scorecard of excellence on this 3 years of existence. We can only hope for more.


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