I Wept Profusely Watching Kidnappers Sexually Molesting Woman Before Our Eyes – Victim

Jonah Lorundu, a Benue-based Farmer disclosed his bitter experience while he was in Kidnapper’s captive then, shared how the Kidnappers sexually molested some of the women in the camp openly, before everybody.

Jonah expressed deep emotional pain sustained watching how kidnappers brutally assaulted some young ladies in the presence of other victims.

According to him, Jonah revealed that the kidnappers numbering five, took turns assaulting ladies and some other woman sexually and causing them immense pain. He lamented that he was kept in captive and deprived of food and water.

Jonah, in his address during interview granted said: ”What my eyes saw there, my mouth cannot tell it all. I cried when the kidnappers brought out some women and slept with them before our eyes. I was so pained. The women were three; two young ones and an old woman. They didn’t touch the old woman”.

“The kidnappers were five and they took turns on the women. It was only one of them that refused to join the others. They took me on 22 and kept me captive for four days without food or water. Others were given the same treatment. They were just beating me to call my people to bring money.”

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