*I Need Boyfriend – Nollywood Actress Cries Out*

I Need Boyfriend – Nollywood Actress Cries Out.

A Nigerian young starlet, Ifedi Sharon, has stirred up a storm of interest online with a subtle yet intriguing glimpse into her romantic life and current relationship status.

Sharon, in a daring and candid gesture, she unabashedly expressed a strong desire for a companionship, shared new video where her subdued demeanor hinted at a deeper emotional longing.

According to the exceptionally talented rising movie star, Ifedi Sharon, recently made a bold and unfiltered declaration of her longing for a romantic partner.

Just on Monday, 29th April, 2024, Sharon made a heartfelt post on social media, sharing a brief video where she appeared contemplative and pensive.

Following her accompanying caption, she expressed a sincere declaration of faith, acknowledging that her life is entrusted to God’s care.

She wrote;

“Oh Lord, my life is in your hands”

One of her male fan took to her comment section, seemingly awestruck by her beauty, expressed envy for her supposed boyfriend.

Sharon, in a swift and revealing response, she countered by stating that, contrary to his assumptions, she is actually longing for a boyfriend herself.

In recent years, rumors have swirled about Ifedi Sharon’s romantic involvement with her colleague, Zubby Michael, fueled by their close bond and evident camaraderie.

Sharon, the 20-year-old actress recently thrilled her Instagram followers with a captivating clip showcasing her bonding time with her Zubby Michael, as they prepared for action on a new movie set.

The inseparable duo appeared relaxed and cozy, dressed in nightgowns, with Zubby lounging on the bed while Sharon playfully filmed them in a bedroom setting.

The comments section was flooded with enthusiastic fans, captivated by the palpable chemistry and unwavering affection evident between the duo.

Speculation ran wild, with a chorus of voices boldly proclaiming that Zubby and Sharon’s deep connection could potentially lead to marriage in the future.

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