BORNO STATE: Bomb Explosion Kills 32 In A Nigeria Market

Nothing less than 32 people lost their life in an explosion that occurred at a village market around hideouts of Islamic extremists in northeast Nigeria, according to hospital report and
Local government officials. The officials disclosed that 29 people died instantly at the scene in Ngurosoye village.

Additionally, a hospital official revealed that three out of the injured subsequently died at the hospital on Friday and Saturday. He said the death toll could eventually rise from some victims that sustained seriously injuries, of which most the victims were traders.

The explosion occured on Thursday and because of poor communications, it is only now that word of it is getting out. The military has cut cell phone service in the area.

The village where the incident occurred, Ngurosoye, is near the Sambisa forest in Borno state bordering Cameroon where the military has been carrying out aerial bombardments and ground assaults on camps of Islamic militants.

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