Kwara Lawmaker, Agboola talks tough on Kwara governance

Member representing Ilorin South Constituency in the Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon. Jimoh Raheem Agboola has said though in an opposition party, he is never in the House to oppose it’s progress but to contribute his quota to the development of legislative and the state generally.

Speaking at the monthly Media Parley of Kwara Online Publishers Association of Nigeria (KOPAN) yesterday, Hon. Agboola said he is a stakeholder in the Assembly and his wish is to build a good relationship with others to achieve success which is the common goal.

Recall that on January 5th 2022, Hon Agboola who is the only Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member in the House was reprimanded for 14 legislative days over contempt and breach of House privilege after the investigation by Ethics and Privilege Committee of the House on his comment on a radio programme.

Reacting to this, he said what he stands for in the House is the growth and development of Kwara, describing the reprehension as a “gangling-up” of All Progressives Congress (APC) members against him being the only member from PDP.

The Lawmaker revealed that during his first spell in the House from 1999 – 2003, he was also in the opposition party but worked in tandem with members in the ruling party. He said he would move a motion while the then Chief Whip, Akogun Oyedepo will second it and the motion will sail through.

Agboola opined that political party was nothing in the House then and should be seen as nothing even now because his own interest is how to make Kwara and Nigeria great, saying he looks forward to seeing a “House of Assembly of Kwarans and not House of a political party”.

“You don’t use the House rule wrongly, it is meant for the conduct of a member at the plenary and if a member is outside the plenary, he has his own opinion about issue and free to express it.

“The interview I granted was my opinion and if you feel what I said was wrong, you have the right to approach that station or any other media outlet to refute it but in a situation where we have external hand interfering on House matters, it will be difficult to manage the House.

“It is good when Executive and Legislative have good relationship but should not be to the point of sacrificing your colleague and constituents whom you represent all in the name of good relationship, so we should be awaken to our responsibilities as a Assembly so that we won’t be tagged “rubber stamped.

Speaking about a rumour on joining the ruling party, the legislator said, “as a politician that matters to the people, seeing that you are a material, they will come for you, yes it is not bad if they want me in their party, but the issue is, what do my people need and what are they getting?

“If they they are not doing anything good for my people, will I leave them and join another party purposely to enrich my pocket or to avoid the Illegal suspension handed on me? I will never do that” he assured.

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